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Bimonthly Newsletter

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Issue - 15

15th October 2016

Ozindcare Reaching New Heights!

We are happy to inform to all our members and supporters that during the financial year 2015-16, Ozindcare donated an amount of $39,873.00 to help the helpless in various place.  The beneficiaries include helpless people suffering with illness who are not able to get treatments, assistance for education, housing, and some of the Volunteer organisations who help the poor without any financial benefits. Help was given only after considering the requests carefully by the committee.

Funds were collected through organising and conducting functions, donations , sponsorships, memberships and committee members with volunteers helping to prepare food for private functions.

Comparing to many organisations, this amount may not look big. But, Ozindcare being a volunteer organisation and any amount we collect goes to the real needy in full. On behalf of all our beneficiaries, we thank all our members and supporters for being part of this noble cause and hope to continue the service of “helping the helpless”.

An appeal to our members and supporters

Aaruthal Illam, also known as Snehakooddaram, is in Theni a place bordering Kerala and Tamilnadu. In neighbouring villages like Aandippetti, Usilaampetti etc

Sunil, a young man from Kerala and his wife Daisy, herself an orphan, have established a helping centre named “Snehakoodaarm” to find and save children from street and to look after them by giving shelter, food, clothes and education. Currently they care for about 25 such children and they also work to provide awareness to the would be mothers and do some charity work in the villages nearby.

Sunil and his wife work very hard to fund such activities and also they receive some help from like-minded people. It has been registered as a charitable society under JJ Act and has obtained “fit institution Certificate” to conduct such activities.

Now, Snehakoodaaram has requested us to help if possible and Ozindcare committee after getting in touch with Sunil and enquiring further, has decided to help them.

We have provided initial financial assistance of $1000/- According to them it costs almost Rs 25000 per month to run Snehakoodaaram and it is becoming more and more difficult for them to find such funds on an ongoing basis. Ozindcare request to all our members and supporters to spare a thought for Snehakoodaaram.

If you like to help, Your donations, however small that is, please send to Ozindcare by EFT to the following account with a message “Help SNEHAKOODAARAM”. Any amount that you donate for this cause, be assured that will reach them in full as always the case with Ozindcare.

BSB: 012-209     A/C No:212639156       Name: Ozindcare    Message: “help Snehakoodaaram”.

Please send us an e mail to, so that we can send you the receipt

If you like to be in touch with Sunil, please contact us. He also has a face book page, “Snehakoodaaram”



By Nickin Alexander

Approximately 45% of people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. 1 million Australians are diagnosed with depression and over 2 million people have fallen victim to anxiety.

From where we stand, any mental health issue is seen as taboo, but with depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health issues at an all time high, we realise that the problem is too hard to ignore. In a world where medication is the cure for all kind of ailments, the one thing that can never truly be cured is the work of a depressed mind. Yes, it can be treated with a myriad of different medicines but in essence, it does not just come and go like any infection. The truth is, regardless of what we may think, the effects of depression can only be combatted with one thing, and that’s with actual, one on one, personal help.

You see everyone suffers from it differently; a person’s depression starts and affects them in unique ways. Without any known reason we are all individually and uniquely tethered and weighed down by it in all shapes and forms. And that’s where we suffer. Because of its fickle and cunning ways, the treatment is never the same.
This problem is now one that we cannot ignore, and as a result, we must take action before it destroys our youth and worse off becomes a beckoning factor as to why we lose ourselves at such a young age. On a larger scale, the youth of today are fast becoming steady victims to this disease. It starts with the mind, and if left to its ways, can mould to how you carry yourself physically and can ultimately, negatively affect the very core of your being.

The most common feeling is that of being at an emotional low, ranging from specific periods or throughout anyone’s day. Depression can form through a variety of different symptoms including:

  • The lack of motivation to get up and live your day-to-day life;
  • The feelings of being sad, and moody for extended periods of time;
  • Lack of interest in things that once motivated you;
  • The lack of energy in day to day activities, and;
  • Coupled with difficulty in sleeping and having a hard time concentrating on even remedial tasks.

The first step in fixing any problem is acknowledging that there is one, that its existence is real. Don’t let the old traditional taboo of this illness dictate our response to how we live. It is time that we realised, in a world where most people are left to feel alone, that we can make a difference and help people to better their lives. Asking someone a question, as simple as “are you okay?” can make a significant impact and is all that is required in trying to prevent further harm from occurring.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in a family member, friend, colleague or even in yourself, don’t be afraid, help is always here, all you have to do is reach out to access it. We need to start to recognise this problem because the world needs this change to happen. Too many lives are being destroyed every day due to the failure of recognising those who need help the most.

If you or a loved one is dealing or may be dealing with depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues, seek professional help from a local GP or visit for more information.

(Nickin Alexander is in his final semester studying a Bachelor of Communications, Majoring in Social Inquiry at University of Technology. He has always had a passion for writing and 3 years ago began a blog which today thrives on motivating and sparking inspiration amongst his hundreds of readers. His proficiency has seen him branch into magazines, continuing to help dozens of people in areas of mental health, personal problems and fitness. Visit his blog (2016). beyondblue. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Oct. 2016].

Thank you

  • Our sincere thanks to Shijina and Ryjesh for their contribution of $1000 during the celebration of their son Elvins birthday. Your donation has helped few helpless individuals in India.
  • We also thank “supporters of Ozindcare” for donating more than $3000. They raised the funds by helping to prepare food for few private functions. Hope such gesture continues so that Ozindcare can continue the service of “helping the helpless”.
  • Ozindcare youth had conducted a bone marrow donation drive to help a young man Sujith suffering from acute Leukaemia. Our sincere appreciation who participated for this venture. We hope and wish Sujith finds a match soon.

Like to be part of Ozindcare?

  • Become an annual financial member. $25 for family & $10 for single
  • Donate
  • Sponsor a program
  • We have volunteers to help you prepare food for your party needs. The money you donate will HELP THE HELPLESS” somewhere in the world

You helped them
in the past 3 months:

July 2016:

  • Donated $1000/- to Baby Aditya, a One ½ year old boy from Ludhiana Punjab who was burnt 85% of hid body. His mother was too poor to bear the expenses which was estimated to be Rs 200K. Request came through Nisha Sharma, Sydney.

August 2016:

  • Donated $1000/- to Shaji Edacholindavida who is suffering from kidney failure. Request from India.

September 2016:

  • Donated $1000/- to support Umesh Thuravoor, a mimicry artist who was diagnosed with diabetes and resulted in a Lower limb amputation. Request through Sahayee Melbourne.
  • Donated $1000/- to Mr. Kunnummel Sabu for the treartment for his severe medical condition. Request through Varughese Paulose Sydney.
  • Donated $1000/- to Arughillam Snehakoodaaram Theni, to help their organisation who care for about 25 orphans. Ozindcare has given out s special appeal for this purpose.

Ozindcare representatives handing over the cheque to assist Shaji who is suffering from kidney failure.

Ozindcare AGM

Ozindcare will be conducting our Annual General meeting in the month of November. We will be sending the invitation to all the financial members.

Our current committee: President: Prakash Palakkil, Vice President: Leslie Bonney, Secretary: Sindhu Unnirajan, Jt. Secretary: Manjula, Treasurer: Ansaji Russell, Finance Controller: Anil Pattarath, PRO: Beena Viswanath.

Board members: Sudhir David, Beena David, Viswanath, Deepak Chidambaranath, Praseetha Deepak, Unnirajan, Bhavani Rajesh.

If you need any further information, please contact Ozindcare committee
members on:
Phone: 0402 385581, 0407 836689, 0425 279651, 0439 570115
Visit our Cyber home:

Ozindcare - Helping The Helpless!

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