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Issue - 11

18th Sep 2015

All set to help SWANTHANA

On Sunday, 8th November by conducting a fundraising function named “Nite of Nostalgia” Ozindcare will be giving fresh hope for few helpless girls and their careers of an orphanage in Bangalore. Please join us in this noble cause

The Swanthana Centre, situated in Bangalore, India, initiated by the Sisters of Saint Camillus order, was founded to welcome and take care of girls who have been orphaned or abandoned because of their disabilities. Swanthana opens its doors to such little girls who are mentally challenged, physically handicapped, or struggling with disabilities of brain that make them incapable of self-care.

There are 47 children in Swanthana, between the ages 1-17 years, who are mentally and physically challenged, with multiple disabilities. Over the years, these young children were gathered by the local police from railway stations, bus stands, streets, garbage dumps, behind the compound walls of hotels and around market areas; all abandoned by their parents or primary carers. They were all eventually brought to Swanthana, where these little girls are becoming more sociable, independent, and some are even able to walk. The aim is to care for, and educate them as far as possible, in a dignified manner, like any other child in a family. All of these activities need time and money, and Swanthana welcomes volunteers and contributions in kind or in cash, as they are not supported by any religious organization, and receive minimal government support funds.

Over the years, we have come to understand that it amounts to approximately $100/- per month, to meet the general expenses of providing nourishment, care and treatment of a child in Swanthana. This amount is used for specific requirements of the child, and the Swanthana home like providing food (rice, vegetables, meat, pulses), diapers, prescribed medication, clothing, soap, cream, utility expenses (electricity, water, gas) and other daily necessities.

There is a small group of friends in Sydney, who have joined hands to raise funds for Swanthana. Since March 2014, this group has grown, purely by word of mouth, to join together and raise funds through organized lunches and food sales. With the funds raised, they have been blessed to help Swanthana buy 37 specially-designed wheel chairs, and 4 water heaters, and also support medical expenses when the children are hospitalized. 10 out of the 47 children are now sponsored through this small network, and we pray and work eagerly for more individuals and family. Some of our representatives from Ozindcare visited Swanthana and now the Ozindcare committee has decided to work with this group to raise much needed funds by dedicating the entire program for the benefit of the poor children in Swanthana.

With the intention to raise awareness, funds and sponsorship for Swanthana’s little children, Ozindcare will present its latest fundraising event, ‘Nite of Nostalgia’ – a night of music and dance in Sydney, to be held on the 8th of November at Redgum Hall, Wentworthville. We invite everyone to be part of the event, or take a step to sponsor or contribute towards caring for these little children. Your support will go a long way to provide care, medical treatment and provisions to sustain these little children. No administration charges, or any other deductions are made from donations to Swanthana. Every cent donated is directed completely towards the children. Ozindcare has set up a provision in our account to help “Swanthana”. If you would like to donate through Ozindcare please add message as “help Swanthana” with your name.

For more information on Swanthana, please visit their website: www.swanthanacare.org. You can view a short video of Swanthana here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJM7uOuOuiI.

Address: Swanthana Centre, Daughters of St.Camilius, Sarjapura road, Ambedkar Nagar, Carmelaram Post, Bangalore-560035. Phone: +91 80 2844 1153 | + 91 9986951855; Email:swanthana.care@gmail.com.

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You helped them
in the past 2 months:

July 2015

  • Ms Velllanganni from Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. $1000 to help to rebuild her hut which was collapsed due to the heavy land slide.( request from Binny David, Sydney).

August 2015

  • Donated $1000 to Gayathri Manikandan a two and a half year old girl from Koduvayur, Kerala, suffering with Cerebral Palsy for her treatment. (Request from India)
  • Donated Rs 20,000 to Archana from Chennai for her Engineering studies. (Request from India)
  • Donated $1000 to Smt.K Girija from Palghat for the treatment of her three daughters suffering with Cerebral Palsy (Request from India)
  • Donated $1000 to Smt. A parimala from Agathethara Palghat for repairing her house.
  • Provided Rs 15,000 for P.S. Arjun for Civil Service Coaching. (Request from India)
  • Donated Rs20,000 to Jamuna in Andra Pradesh to purchase a cow .(Request from India)
  • Donated $1000 to the family of Jayanthan, a Sree Lankan refugee who lost his life in an accident. (Request from Sydney through Ozindcare committee)

Nepal Earthquake rehabilitation funds distributed.

(Ozindcare committee member Praseetha (right) handing over the cheque to Mrs.Paru Tiwari)

Ozindcare has donated $2500 for the rehabilitation of the earthquake victims in Nepal. Sydney resident of Nepalese origin Mrs. Paru Tiwari will coordinate the rehabilitation effort in one of the remote village which was severely affected by the earthquake. In fact, there are aftershocks in a minor scale still going on. This amount will be used to provide essentials for the villagers. Mrs.Tiwari will update us with the progress. She thanked all our members and supporters for the help and has pledged to work with Ozindcare in the future.

Ozindcare youth in action.

We request all our members and supporters to be part of this venture.

Our next fundraising program in November!

Please be part of this noble cause. If you would like to be a volunteer during this program please let us know.

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